My Meeting With ‘Long Island Medium’s’ Theresa Caputo

Me and Theresa Caputo in NYC

My job definitely has some perks — I can’t complain. That’s me with Theresa Caputo, star of TLC’s reality series Long Island Medium.

As I have mentioned before, my family and many of my mom’s friends have become hooked on the show which features Theresa, a typical housewife from Long Island who has the ability to communicate with the dead.

So, I decided to contact TLC to see if I could interview Theresa for my magazine’s website while I was in NYC for my company’s Hall of Fame gala. Well, the spirits aligned, because the only day I was free was the same day Theresa was doing press for her show around New York City. Perfect! We set a lunch date.

I felt really lucky that I was going to be able to chat with Theresa, who is booked for readings through Jan. 2013 and only has a waiting list now, in person.

From what we’ve seen on the show, she is extremely gifted. She appears able to share symbols and messages to her clients that know one could have known but them and the deceased. This is the key to what cements her credibility.

My meeting with Theresa did not disappoint. For starters, she is one of the most affable, charismatic, genuine people to be around. She instantly puts you at ease. We were about 25 minutes into lunch when she blurted out “Wait, did your grandmother pass?” To which I said, “yes.” She then said another grandmother and grandfather figure were present and asked if they were on my dad’s side. This definitely made sense as my dad lost both his parents. So, the other grandmother must have been my mom’s mother who died from cancer in her 50s and who I never met.

Theresa then had a somewhat hesitant look and asked if my mom had passed — she had said the grandmother that was alone was with someone younger, like her child. Yay! I was so nervous about my mom not coming through. The next thing she said in her thick accent “Are you getting married??” This was particularly telling for me as I purposely didn’t wear my engagement ring, as to not give her any hints, and that morning I had talked to my mom in my head (as I sometimes do) and said if Theresa is real, I want the first thing out of her mouth in regards to you to be about my wedding. And, it was.

Theresa continued asking if my mom filled up with fluid, pointing to her chest. As I had shared before, my mom suffered from fluid in her lung the days before she died. She went on to reveal other personal details such as saying my mom is touched by the fact that I am planning to put her pin on my bouquet. A few weeks ago while I was home with my dad, I found an old pin of my mom’s with her initials and told my dad — only my dad — that I was planning to put this on the base of my bouquet as part of a way to honor her. How would Theresa know that?

My mom was telling Theresa that she didn’t want me to change the date of my wedding again (how would she have known I had postponed my wedding originally?) and to continue with my plans full force. And for my family and friends who will be attending, you’re in luck because according to Theresa, my mom told her she will be at my wedding in spirit — even walking me down the aisle. Theresa said I should look for images of spherical light that one could mistake as a messed up image in my wedding photos because that would be my mom. Side note: Immediately calling the photographer to let him know I want to see the pre-corrected photo batch.

Another message Theresa shared that shook me to my core was that my mom was showing her an image of me leaning over into her casket and placing two boxes in it. Those two boxes were the ashes of our cats my mom had always asked that I bury with her. There is no way Theresa could have know this either. No way.

One of the best parts was her ability to characterize my mom perfectly. Theresa said my mom made her want to laugh and cry because she was such an amazing combo of humor, sarcasm and sensitivity. When she imbued my mom’s traits, it made it feel like she was there. And, apparently she was  LITERALLY right there. Theresa said my mom was sitting on the left of me for about 30 minutes while we ate lunch.

I am merely sharing a few of the things Theresa told me at our lunch about my mom. She really impressed me and gave me some peace. Needless to say, I ended up inviting her to my wedding! Not the most professional move, but I would love to have her there that day in the hopes that maybe she could channel my mom during such an important occasion in my life. To my surprise, she said she would love to come pending scheduling. So, we shall see!

To get a better sense of who Theresa is, her gift and her outlook on life, click here to read the piece I did for my magazine’s web site.

Tonight is the one-hour season finale of Long Island Medium on TLC at 10 p.m. Who’s watching? If you do watch, please let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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14 Responses to My Meeting With ‘Long Island Medium’s’ Theresa Caputo

  1. jeanne germann says:

    i would like to make an appointment

  2. Rosemary Lynn says:

    I would love to meet Theresa. I have had so many deaths in my family as well as having friends pass. I also have had a near death experience, so I don’t know if she can tune into that. I would love to know if she can. My mom died in 1966, my fiance died in 1992, my dad died in 2004 as did my step mom. I have had many friends and other family members die in between. Sometimes, I feel as if death is knocking at my door and I am so afraid my sisters or my daughter or I mght be next. The most important thing is, I want to know that my loved ones who have gone to the other side are okay. That they are happy, they see me and are with me and guide me. I have had so many close encounters with death and I always feel that someone or something is looking after me, keeping disaster at bay.
    I really like Theresa. She seems like the real thing, if you know what I mean. Plus she is funny and happy and has a terrific family life. All of that combined makes me feel she is the genuine article.
    Thanks for your article. If you can advise me how to get into see her or put on a waiting list…well, that would be so cool.
    Do you know what she charges for a reading? I contacted John Edward and he is super, super expensive and there is no way to get into seeing him for years. Theresa is more my cup of tea and I think we could really relate.
    Rosemary Hoffman Lynn

    • srob228 says:

      Hi Rosemary,
      Thanks for commenting!
      So sorry to hear about all the people who have passed in your family and among your friends. It’s never easy. But, like you, I truly believe our loved ones are always looking out for us. It really gives me comfort.
      I think the best way to get in touch with Theresa is via her website: Good luck!

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  7. Stacey says:

    How do I meet with you?

  8. Cynthia says:

    Did you get married yet? If so, how did your pictures turn out?

  9. Monyda says:

    This was such an amazing story. My mom and. I love watching her show. My mom recently told me she wanted to make an appointment with her, she hasn’t really been in a good place. How could I make an appointment with her?

  10. Crys says:

    Just wanted to say that my father passed away unexpectedly 5 months before my wedding in 2012. It was the hardest thing to do, especially since he was so excited about going.

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